Casinos working with bitcoins are becoming more and more, and quite severe competition is established between them, which motivates operators to constantly improve the quality of their services. After all, most online casinos still work in a traditional format, and attract players from there to the new bitcoin casino games is quite difficult. Therefore, it is not enough to play the bitcoin casino, you need to keep abreast of events happening in the gambling market and constantly improve your business.

Regulation of bitcoin gambling legal

As players, we know very well that there are some rules of gambling in each country. Suppose I am in an Asian country, I must follow certain regulatory conditions in accordance with the laws of this country, as well as in the countries of America, Europe, etc. There is no single legislation that would encompass online gambling all over the world, because each country has its own laws and regulatory bodies that deal with these issues. So, we have to deal with different types of licensing and authorities in different regions of the world.

Benefits for high stakes players

Large players are considered VIP, if they have deposited more than $ 1000, then the casino provides them with VIP services, and also provides them with additional benefits, for example, most casinos will offer them an excellent set of bonuses and so on. Become a major player or VIP-player means that there will be many small advantages, the casino will provide us with personal services; organize a special tournament for major players.

Attractive bonuses in bitcoin casino list

When I start playing in an online casino, they offer me attractive bonuses, as an example – for the first deposit they offer me a 100% bonus up to 2 BTC/100 euros, then on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th deposit, they offer a 50% bonus up to 100m BTC / 50 Euro. Sometimes they also offer me a daily extra bonus, as well as a weekly bonus.

Exclusive Promotions in free bitcoin gambling

Online casinos treat us as VIP players when we become big players, that is, make large deposits; they offer us current stocks, gifts, computer glasses and much more. The most interesting thing is that I always received a weekly cashback. They manage VIP programs, organize many events, loyalty programs and so on.

Variety of bitcoin casino with faucet

The best casinos offer hundreds of games with slots, cards, bones and stakes. You just need to find the right game. In online casino games you can play on your smartphone or tablet.

Bitcoin video games:

  • Slots. The most popular variant of gambling;
  • Black Jack. It can play from one to eight decks of cards;
  • Roulette;
  • Video Poker;
  • Craps;
  • Online Twenty-One, etc.

According to the analysis of specialists, in the gambling market today bitcoin-casinos occupy 10-15% of all gambling establishments, and this number is growing.

The biggest prize was received in a bitcoin-casino called “Just-Dice”, where the participant received 11 thousand bitcoins, which was at that time $ 1.5 million. Now this amount is 5 million. It is known that the player before this bet on 100 thousand dollars.

The future seems promising. Today there is a trend of increasing the share of bitcoin in online casinos, since this direction is very promising. And regulation will depend on a number of factors.

For example, what will be the general rules of the game, but until they are installed, it is difficult to plan anything. Significant importance is the reputation of the system, as in any other business. With confidence, it can be argued that due to complete freedom and its unique characteristics, bitcoin will change the whole world. According to CASEXE experts, in five years five of the ten online casinos will work with bitcoins.

Despite the doubts that arise, gambling owners increasingly want to create a bitcoin-casino, for which they turn to high-end specialists like CASEXE, and start their activities, fearing to lag behind life.

More detailed about bitcoins casinos

Users can transfer bitcoins to each other using special addresses. They look like a sequence of numbers and letters, and their range can include from 24 to 37 different characters. In most cases, you do not need to pay for processing transactions.

If we consider the work of an online casino, poker room or bingo-resource, then the most costly aspect is the processing of payments. Visitors deposit money into their account using various types of electronic payment systems (Skrill, WebMoney, Neteller, etc.), bank account, credit or debit card. For service, you need to pay an additional commission, the amount of which depends on the policy set by the administration.

There are also companies that do not charge extra fees for payment from the client. Most gambling sites cover these costs through a large number of bets being made. But in a number of casinos the duty is still provided. Most often it has to be paid to those who prefer to play in unregulated markets. For example, residents of the United States of America are obliged to give ten percent of the amount of the winnings to the state budget.

Let’s say that the processing of payments is somehow covered by the institution itself, but nobody canceled the fee from the winnings, that is, your real profit in any case decreases. These losses owners are trying to compensate for by holding profitable shares and issuing incentive bonuses.

This is just one reason from the whole list, according to which operators are positive about the use of cryptocurrency and the opening of bitcoin casino. Undoubtedly, the positive factors include the fact that to replenish the account and withdraw funds virtual club customers can completely free of charge, because the need to pay a fee for performing this kind of operations was completely eliminated. Thus, when playing casino on bitcoins, it is possible to spend significantly more money on bonuses that are distributed by the administration. It is not surprising that such institutions are currently very popular. Payments in casinos offering cryptographic currency are really often much more generous than their competitors – traditional establishments.